Special Mooncake Deal for CHA



It's that time of the year again for mooncakes and lanterns.

It is a tradition of CHA to distribute mooncakes to our retired teachers and principals, honoring their efforts in nurturing all the CHS students they have taught. Once again, we are tying up with Dignity Kitchen to provide mooncakes for our alumni brothers, retired teachers and principals.

Since its inception in October 2010, Dignity Kitchen is Singapore’s first hawker training school for disabled and disadvantaged people. Their mission is “To build and return the dignity to the disadvantaged and disabled through vocation with passion“.

Dignity Kitchen mooncakes will be offered at a special price to all our alumni brothers. All proceeds of the sale will go directly to Dignity Kitchen. Please download the order form and email us the completed order by 19th September 2016. Orders MUST be collected in Catholic High School on 30th September 2017.


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